DaySmart Software, one of the leading provider of business management software, is all set to support the small business growth. According to the new research report released on the technology trends impacting the U.S. small businesses, the national study examined how the small business owners are leveraging technology to grow their business and challenges that they are facing currently in the business operation. The new findings show that the U.S. small businesses are growing with over 63 percent of the businesses have increased their sales from 2017-2018. However, due to challenges, many businesses have been worried about various about running and growing the complete business operation.

According to the report, the top five businesses issues many small business owners face in the U.S. is affecting the complete structure wherein they are making generating revenue, controlling costs, finding new customers, introducing better management for time and marketing to businesses or current customers. Many currently are turning towards technology to solve various business challenges, while more than 51 percent have adopted business management software. Businesses are already getting the required benefits associated with business management software included with reduced manual effort and paperwork in 61 percent of cases, customer satisfaction 49 percent of cases and getting improved work/life balance for 48 improved of the solutions.

Of all the respondents who are using the business management software, 42 percent recognizes the benefits of cloud-based products, while 38 percent of business still prefer on-premise solutions. Businesses that have been using the business management software described that they tend to make more revenue when compared to 73 percent of the business management software reported of making more than $100,000 than businesses that not had been using the software solution. While small business, increasingly focusing technology, their main focus is now toward the market and consumer-based solutions that can be solved using technology.