The demand for tech jobs in the non-technical industry is rising, according to a recent report from Indeed. Tech-focused companies are still hiring plenty of tech workers, but an increasing share of tech jobs at non-tech companies is making workers in marketing, sales, and other areas. The recent shift in the hiring trend can be seen as the growing trend of technology that is bifurcating job involvement and resources development. Non-tech giants like finance, retail, and energy have seen rapid growth in these types of workers. Software developer, a combination of two different requirements that include application and system software is heavily in demand. Software developers account for 27 percent of the tech jobs in the market that is followed by other business requirements that include web admin, software quality assurance, computer support specialists, and information research scientists.

Finding the right talent with the right amount of skills is the major business challenge for enterprises in the current talent market. The recent survey showed that 41 percent of employers are finding it difficult to find talent with appropriate tech skills is difficult now than in the past. The rise of automation and data technology, we see an increase in demand for tech talent across the complete sectors that initially didn’t hire any of such talent.

A recent report prepared by PwC and consumer technology added that each tech job in US consumer sector supports around three non-tech jobs further showing how tech jobs have become an undaunting path of the complete sector. The report revealed that consumer tech supports about 18.2 million jobs in the U.S., generating around $1.3 trillion in yearly wages.   The demand for technical expertise that includes the realm of recruiting has pushed many employees to improve their technology foundation, with demand for specialized technology rising. Many businesses are pushing for combative technology that simplifies technology change, promoting a healthy and diverse workplace.