With invent of concept BYOD (Bring your own Device), enterprises are now dealing with a large number of devices that accessing the secured company network. These smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are connected to the company network can act as a gateway for an attack. Such security threats from various kinds of devices have given rise to need of security layer to protect the network and also a need of a gateway to manage the devices. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the answer to solve your application management questions; it acts as a gateway for monitoring the devices and also protecting the devices from external threats.

An MDM ensures that all the stakeholders embrace the new technology without any usage barrier. MDM is not just used for compliance and security it acts as a part of an enterprise that will increase productivity.

Here are some examples of mobile device management solutions:

1. Intune from Microsoft: Intune Enterprise Mobility+Security is from Microsoft. Intune is developed by Microsoft based on the security features of Microsoft Azure combined with identity management solutions. Intune is an advanced portal for user management along with legacy admin functions.

Here are some important features offered by Intune:

  • App and Device Management.
  • Advanced Microsoft office 365 data protection.
  • Identity and Access management.
  • On-premises management.
  • PC management.
  • Data protection and identity-driven security system.

Intune helps you identify the mobile strategy that will fit your organizational goals and also help in applying access control over the network.  Intune is designed to support iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS devices using a simple unified mobile solution. Currently, two variants are available, E3 priced at $8.74 and E5 priced at $14.80 per user per month.

2. IBM MaaS360: IBM MaaS360 is Mobile device management solution that is offered along with Watson for your business. It provides the user with visibility and control to manage devices using iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows. IBM’s MaaS360 provide seamless over-the-air device enrollment so the enterprises can start managing the devices without any need for hardware. The MDM provides you with an easy management solution using only one console with an ability to cover all endpoints securely.

Here are some important features of IBM MaaS360:

  • Business Dashboards for Apps.
  • Laptop Patch and Update Management.
  • Identity Management.
  • Mobile Threat Management.
  • Mobile App Security.
  • Container to secure data.

The MDM delivers technology for IT and Security leaders to secure devices like mobile or laptops but also wearable’s and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IBM MaaS360 comes in with Watson an AI approach to enable end to end security and access management for all data. A 30-day free trial is also available and the prices are customized according to the requirement starting from $4.00. Get more information about Application Management Solution in our Whitepapers.

3. Okta: Okta helps to manage different kinds of product depending on your needs. Okta product gives the IT managers a tool to manage all web applications being used in the work environment. It provides with on-demand identity and access management on cloud and in the firewall.

Here are some Key Okta Features:

  • Single sign-on for speedy access.
  • Multi-layer authentication for security.
  • Lifecycle Management to control the movement of people.
  • Universal Directory to manage every user, app, device, and API.
  • Integration with 5,500 apps.

The pricing is divided into two categories:

I. Single Sign-On: SSO- $2 per user per month, Adaptive- $5 per user per month

II. Multi-factor Authentication: MFA- $3 per user per month, Adaptive MFA- $6 per user per month

4. Mobilock Pro: Initially, there was a hurdle in letting the android devices inside the enterprise network. The Android OS was considered to be insecure compared to business phones such as Blackberry and iPhone. Device Management Solutions like Mobilock Pro have secured the android devices with an ability to lock the device into kiosk mode. Mobilock is a cloud-based platform enabling users to control all the android devices accessing the company network.

Here some features of Mobilock Pro:

  • Application Management both for Android and iOS devices.
  • Content Management across the device.
  • Remote cast and control the devices connected to the network.
  • EVA communication Suite.

The pricing of Mobilock differs according to the organization needs and can also be customized but here are some common pricing models,

I. Starter: $30 per year per device (Up to 25 devices).

II. Pro: $24 per year per device (Up to 100 devices).

III. Businesses: $18 per year per device (For more than 100 devices).

All the packages have a 7-day free trial.

All the above Mobile Device Management Solutions have different features and customization. It depends on the company goals and device requirement for growth, which of the following plans would suit the demand.

For more information on Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions, you can download our whitepapers.